Kimble Half and Half - Front

Will Kimble’s “Half and Half”

Right: Will Kimble’s A5 that inspired the gathering. The split top employs Englemann Spruce for the bass side and Red Spruce for the treble. John Relph puts it to the test, accompanied by Deirdre Donovan. Click here to hear his recording of “Going Places” JohnRelph.mp3 . Mike Stangeland has converted this file to TablEdit, which can be downloaded from the CoMando web site.
Generously seeded with Arthur’s personal collection, and augmented by arriving guests’ donations, the table provides an immediate opportunity to taste some of the world’s finest mandolins. I spot several Gilchrists, a Smart, a Gibson F5, a Rigel, a Cole, and an old F-4. What’s this? A Baby Taylor guitar that’s morphed into a octave mandolin? Right there in the middle is the guest of honor, Will Kimble’s infant blonde A5, with a top that’s half Englemann Spruce and half Red Spruce. Someone reaches in and picks it up. Larry opens his case and places his brand new Sullivan in the empty spot. It, too, is eagerly snapped up. I humbly slip my Blue Bell onto the table and pick up a Gil.

Just then, Banana arrives clutching several cases of varying shapes and sizes, the first of several offerings from a bulging car trunk. Included are all members of the mandolin family, (acoustic, electric, and resophonic), a mandoharp(!), a couple of guitars, and ... a banjo. I’m delighted to see he has brought his Coombe A5, because I have one of Peter’s oval holes on order. I eagerly slip off to give it a try. Wow! Sweet and warm, with more than a hint of that dark oval-hole woodiness I love so much. Now I’m really looking forward to getting mine around the end of this year.

John Relph and Dierdre Donovan
Kimble Half and Half - Back
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